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Created in 2008 by a group of progressive hair stylists from Philadelphia, ScissorCandy™ is a multi-faceted company whose goal is to provide the nation’s beauty industry with an innovative way to express the art of hair design through a creative hair event , multimedia presentations, branded products and more. ScissorCandy™ has produced art gallery shows, product launches, runway shows, photo and video shoots, team-building events and ScissorCandy’s™ signature hair event, Open Chair®. ScissorCandy™ will custom-design a program to suit your company’s marketing needs. Contact us for more information about setting up a hair event for you, or to get involved in one of our hair events. we also have class at are Open Chair Studio you can see a list of upcoming classes OPEN CHAIR CLASSES

Please join us for our next hair event :

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Classes at Open Chair Studio

Scissorcandy is now Opening chapters, Open Chair Detroit hair event was the first chapter of ScissorCandy. We are looking to open chapters in city’s across the US, so keep eye out for an Open Chair® near you. If you would like to apply to help us open a chapter near you please feel free to contact us!