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ScissorCandy’s ™ objective is to give the hairdressing community an exclusive opportunity to cater to the style and taste of youth culture by bringing stylists together in a positive and collaborative environment. Our mission is to assist stylists’ advancement in an extremely populated field by helping them to create a name, a unique identity, and separation based on skill and style. There is a palpable need for these artists to have an outlet in which they can be recognized and published. ScissorCandy™ gives these stylists a platform to display their work and craftsmanship, which can significantly advance their careers. At ScissorCandy™, the most artistic members of the beauty industry gather to share, collaborate, and celebrate the craft and artistry in a local community and on a national platform.

ScissorCandy™ was created in 2008 by a group of progressive hair stylists from Philadelphia. We are a multi-faceted company whose goal is to provide the nation’s beauty industry with an innovative way to express the art of hair design through creative events, multimedia presentations, branded products and more. ScissorCandy™ has produced art gallery shows, product launches, runway shows , photo and video shoots, team-building events and our signature event, Open Chair®. ScissorCandy™ will custom-design a program to suit your company’s marketing needs. Contact us for more information about setting up an event for you, or to get involved in one of are events.

We are always looking for talented stylists , makeup artists, videographers, photographers, hair models, and new team members. If you would like to join us in our movement and you think you got what it takes, please feel free to contact us.

ScissorCandy™ feeds your craving for hair culture. Come inspire and be inspired.