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Here are some testimonials from poeple who come to our shows and work with us:

From:Diane Keck

I have been to event 10 and 11.. I accually hopped on a chair at event 10 the tease event and rolled up a pin up look on a model. LOVED it! Had a blast at event 11 and I was ready to throw some hair around but my card wasn’t picked.. 
I would rock the best hair ever if I could have the chance to have a chair. I also have two of the best make-up artists that are eager to show off thier work too!! 
I would be so greatful for the opportunity to be a part of this awesome group! 

From:Desiree Washington

Hi my name is desiree and i have been a hairstylist for 6yrs and just recently attended a scissorcandy event in philadelphia and fell in love with you guys. I would like to be apart of the scissor candy team please contact me with more info. Thanks

From:John Philipp

I was introduced to Scissorcandy through one of my best accounts in the Philadelphia market. He told me about this guy with a great vision of bringing Hairdressers together for inspiration. I checked out the site and was amazed. I met with Joey and his team and instantly knew these guy are special and have an incredible passion for their craft and the industry as a whole. We started partnering with Scissorcandy and I see a definite difference in the relationships with our salons. By exposing this great organization and helping foster the creativity they can unlock inside, they understand that Tru Beauty concepts along with Joey and his team really do care about how helping them get where they want to go. I believe that Scissorcandy is a unique and incredible tool for a distributor to partner with, it is help the industry evolve and stay relevant. I would recommend any company that has the opportunity to participate in a scissorcandy event, do so. It”s organizations like Scissorcandy that make the beauty industry great.


John Philipp
President Tru Beauty Concepts

From:Erin Hearley

Hey there! I’m an esthetician and makeup artist from the Reading, PA area and I attended the Open Chair Tease event several months ago and had a great time. I was so inspired by not only the looks but also just being around so many passionate, creative individuals! I’d like to learn more about what it takes to become involved with scissorcandy and would love the opportunity to participate in future events.