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Mods vs. Rockers video

A photo shoot by the team at ScissorCandy to promote our upcoming hair event MODS vs ROCKERS coming in 2012 the show will be in Philadelphia, Pa. Mods and Rockers were two polar opposite British youth subcultures in the early 60’s. They differed in everything from clothing, grooming and music. The rockers had a tough look, riding motorcycles and wearing leather jackets, while the mods had a more sophisticated look, riding scooters and wearing suits. The two groups created a media frenzy with their running public battles between each other and caused a moral panic about the British youth. Conflicts between the two began to diminish in the late 60’s and now in 2012 the subcultures are stating to make a come back. Keep checking back on are next events page to fined out the date and for more details. All photos by Tommi Wong

All Mods vs Rockers Photos by Tommi Studio.